It’s been a while now that rumors and photos have been circulating about a new Renault minivan. The latter would be closer to an Austral in a 7-seater version. To avoid any speculation on this subject, the brand Renault has just revealed on social networks the name of this new model. In view of the photos, we expected a brand new model but the manufacturer decided otherwise since in the end we will be dealing with the 6th generation of the mythical Renault Espace.

Given the dimensions of the Renault Austral we can imagine that this minivan version should exceed in terms of size that of the 5th generation Espace. We can see that Renault wants to do what Peugeot is already doing with its 3008 and its 5008. No specific date has been revealed on its release, but Renault assures that the latter will take place in 2023.

The diamond brand has already announced that this 6th generation Espace will indeed be a statutory vehicle faithful to its heritage, as it is generous, comfortable and ultra-technological.

Renault and its roots

Since the arrival of Luca De Meo at the head of the Renault group, the manufacturer has presented us with the “Renaulution”, a plan which details the future of the diamond brand. Shortly after we were treated to the presentation of the E-Tech range and its first representative, namely the Megane E-Tech.

In reality, the latter was not to use the Mégane name since it was then a brand new, fully electric model, very far from the original Mégane. True will of the new CEO of the brand, the new models then take on names that evoke memories for Renault customers. After the Mégane E-Tech, we can also mention the electric R5 and 4L. Today, therefore, it is the turn of the Espace name to make its big comeback in the brand’s catalogue.

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