It has already been 100 years since the dramatic theater of Mykolaiv entertains spectators from all over Ukraine and Europe. A jubilee disrupted by nearby Russian troops. The main stage is closed, and its seats covered with large sheets to catch the crystals that fall from the main chandelier with each bombardment.

“We cannot organize the events inside, it is very dangerous because of the missile fire”Explain Artem Svystundirector of the theater.  you have to go  to the appropriate premises. That’s why we organize our events in the basement where people are already in a safe place.”

Apart from the performances outside, the daily life of the troupe is now concentrated in this underground room which once served as a gymnasium. Today, it serves as a shelter, as specified Artem Svystun: “so here is the place where we receive our guests, organize plays and philharmonic performances.”

The young singer and actress Olha Storozhuk explains that it is here that she finds comfort during this difficult time, with the support of her colleagues and the public. When I sing or when we play on stage, people come to me and say “thank you, amazing, for this show, we came back to the life we ​​had before…”

The theater is not only a distraction, it helps the public to overcome the hardships of life under the bombs – separation is one of the most difficult.  called “Refugee Cats”. Kateryna Bohdanovathe director, explains: “it’s a playful story… These personified cats… our cats are like human beings, they show children how to behave in this difficult situation. In Ukraine, how to stay calm and help each other… It’s not exactly a fairy tale, because what is happening here in our country is really not a fairy tale.”

The theater was the target of Russian bombardments this fall. But the troupe nevertheless continued its work, as soon as it was able to return to the stage. “Life goes on, it doesn’t stop”keeps repeating Artem Svystunto give hope.

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