Amongst them, just 14 activists from far-right groups – 9 participants of the “Vow Keepers” as well as 5 “Happy Children” – have been charged with “insurrection”, a leader reliant twenty years in prison which involves planning making use of force to oppose the government.

For lack of sufficient space in the federal court in Washington, justice arranged the test of the Oath Keepers, accused of having trained and equipped for the celebration, in two phases.

An initial test concluded at the end of November with a combined verdict: the founder of this militia, Stewart Rhodes, as well as a regional authorities were declared guilty of insurrection, however their 3 co-defendants were acquitted on this matter.

On Monday, at the end of the second trial, jurors condemned the last four Oath Keepers, guys aged 38 to 64 described as hazardous “traitors” by the prosecution, however as “show-offs” by their lawyers.

The test of the Proud Boys, including their leader Enrique Tarrio, opened up in December and also was still continuous on Monday in the same court.

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