The Romanian authorities seized on Saturday January 14 about fifteen cars, cash and other luxurious objects belonging to the sulphurous influencer Andrew Tate kept in his property in Bucharest. The value of the confiscated property is estimated at approximately 3.6 million euros.

The operation took place as part of an investigation for human trafficking and rape against the American-British citizen, arrested on December 29 in Romania. On January 10, a court rejected his request for release and ruled that he should remain in detention in Romania.

The 36-year-old influencer, who now has more than 4 million subscribers, became known for his misogynistic and violent statements and facts. On January 11, in an article, Vice News published exchanges of messages between Andrew Tate and a woman who accuses him of rape in 2013. The detainee would have told him in particular that he, “loved to rape her”. According to the media source, Andrew Tate said the police told him that charges had not been brought because there was “an ounce of doubt” in the case.

His brother Tristan and other people are also in the crosshairs of the Romanian justice who suspects them of having created a criminal group that forced women to participate in pornographic content.

If prosecutors can prove that the defendants made money from these illicit activities, the value of the seized assets could be used to cover the costs of the investigation and compensation for the victims, six of whom have already been identified by the prosecution. Romanian Agency for Combating Organized Crime (DIICOT).

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